AZ MultiTool Feedback

Hello! We're sorry that you had a bad experience using AZ Multitool. Please take a moment to leave feedback for the author!

Your feedback will help us to improve the quality of our products to provide the best user experience! (Your feedback will help us improve the quality of our product to provide the best user experience!)

You uninstall because you want to reinstall AZ Multitool?

Based on previous responses, up to 34% of people decide to uninstall just to… re-install the extension. So it's most likely because you don't know how to update the Chrome extension to the new version. If you are facing this situation, read the article Frequently asked questions for guidance!

Utilities not working as expected?

In case there is a certain feature that is not working, it is most likely because Facebook has updated something. Instead of removing the extension, text or email me so I can fix it so you can continue using it! Thank you very much for that.

Don't know how to use the extension?

In this case, instead of uninstalling, please visit the Playlist that AZ Multi Tool has created on Youtube to introduce the extension's features and instructions!

Do you have another utility similar to AZ Multitool?

Oh, maybe you are using some other utility that you feel is unnecessary to use AZ Multitool? But you may not know that this extension also has features like: Delete/Download all messages, Friends remover, Download friends list, Decline multi friend request, Accept multi friend request, See friends interaction, Auto remove friends interaction one click, Scan anyone's liked page, Scan joined anyone's group, Find ID,...

Try out all the features before you decide to remove this great extension!